IeSF submitted its membership application to “Sport Accord”

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On 4th of July, Thursday, International e-Sports Federation (IeSF) have finally submitted its membership application to Sport Accord. As finalized its application with Mr. Byung Hun Jun, the President of IeSF, singing on the application, IeSF have accomplished all required conditions for its membership application.

Sport Accord is the umbrella organization of international sports federations, such as FIFA, IAAF, FIBA, and FIVB, and 109 international sports governing bodies are affiliated to this organization as its members. Sport Accord supports proper sport disciplines for international and continental Olympic Games through cooperation with International Olympic Committee (IOC) as well as other continental Olympic councils. Also, it supports “Olympic Movement” which advocated by IOC through winter and summer Olympic Games.

IeSF’s affiliation to Sport Accord will upraise the authority of IeSF as the sole and representative international sports governing body for e-sports in the world, and it also interprets that e-sports is joining in the international sports society with the global recognition as one official sport discipline. Through the affiliation to Sport Accord, IeSF will support official sport-wise of e-sports in its 42 member nations, and will prepare the ground for e-sports players in the world where they can share benefits which have been privileges of athletes in general sports and can advance to the occupations derived from e-sports field. Furthermore, IeSF will continuously cooperate with other international sports governing bodies to make e-sports be included within mega sports event hosted by various Olympic organizations such as Asia Indoor & Martial Arts Games.

The result of approval for IeSF’s membership application to Sport Accord will be discussed and decided at the General Assembly of Sport Accord during the period of Sport Accord Convention which will be held on April 2014.

Mr. Byung Hun Jun, the President of IeSF, speaks his aspiration, “IeSF’s Sport Accord membership application is the first step for e-sports to be recognized as one official sport discipline. Henceforth, we will actively negotiate with board of directors of Sport Accord, and through such effort, we will endeavor for all e-sports fans in the world to see e-sports to be recognized as official sport discipline by April 2014.”

Also, Mr. Won Suk Oh, the Secretary General of IeSF, expressed his resolve, “Through the 4th Asian Indoor & Martial Arts Games, we were able to see the positive perception of various national sports authorities from different countries toward e-sports. If we successfully make IeSF’s Sport Accord affiliation happen by 2014, we will develop new phase expanding e-sports not only in Asia but in Europe, America and Africa as the official sport discipline.”