Romania will host the IeSF 2013 World Championship

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Bucharest, July 24th, 2013: The International eSport Federation announces that the IeSF 2013 World Championship will take place in Bucharest, after four years of taking place in South Korea. The event, organized together with Professional Gamers League – PGL, is supported by Romtelecom, as official partner.

The competition will take place between October 31st and November 4th, 2013, at Sala Polivalentă.

Professional Gamers League was founded in 2002, to support and promote the development of the electronic sport. Romania has been a member of the International eSport Federation since 2009. Since then, with the league’s support, the representatives of our country participated in all global championships, placing Romania among the first three nations in the world every year, in the nation rankings (

“After a series of discussions on the possibility of organizing the event on another continent, but also taking in consideration the accessibility that an European location has, we decided that Bucharest will host the Electronic Sports Global Championship in 2013. In Romania we enjoy the support of the Professional Gamers League and of its President, Silviu Stroie, but also the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports, in the person of Minister Nicolae Bănicioiu”, declared Won-Suk Oh, general secretary of  the International eSport Federation.


Silviu Stroie, the president of Professional Gamers League, is member in the board of International eSport Federation. The position of chairman of the International Board of Referees of the federation, in which he was appointed at the end of last year, comes as a confirmation of both his efforts and those of the league, put into forming and training the gaming market in Romania, in the past 10 years.


“The fact that my becoming part of the board of the International eSport Federation was followed by Romania being selected host of the Electronic Sports Global Championship confirms, once again, the years of hard work. We will continue to develop this area, to raise the gaming community and to bring the electronic sport on the same position with other sports in Romania”, said Silviu Stroie.


270 persons from 46 countries will participate at the event. The men’s competition has two disciplines – League of Legends, with prizes worth 27.000 $, and Alliance of Variant Arms (A.V.A.), which offers prizes of 18.000 $, while the women’s competition will consist of two other disciplines, namely – StarCraft 2 and Tekken Tag Tournament 2.


However, during the championship, the General Meeting of the Federation will take place, where new members will be voted, and also an international symposium, where the industry’s largest companies, with global presence, will gather in order to discuss the current and future development of the electronic sports, worldwide.


The Electronic Sports Global Championship is supported by Romtelecom, Asus, MadCatz, LikeIT, Kingston, Nvidia, and other local companies.
Electronic sports calendar of major events this year:
September 14th – 15th: DreamHack Bucharest 2013, Sala Polivalentă
October 31st – November 4th: Electronic Sports Global Championship, Sala Polivalentă

About PGL

Established in 2001, Professional Gamers League (PGL) organizes national championships of computer games, which became a tradition among the young people in Romania. Also, for more than 10 years, PGL organizes qualifications for the most important global championships in the industry, which are often linked to Olympic Games. At these competitions is participating the esports’ world elite, players who train over one year to obtain a spot on the podium of DreamHack, World Cyber Games, International eSport Federation, ESWC.

About Romtelecom and Dolce Sport

With an expertise of over 80 years on the Romania telecom market, Romtelecom is one of the main operators at this moment. At the end of 2012, Romtelecom reported more than 4.7 million subscribers in its portfolio, for TV services, broadband internet and voice, but also complex business solutions of IT&C. Dolce Sport, Romtelecom’s sport television, is present on the market since 2010 and has settled its clients with qualitative and exclusive content, transmitted on the channels Dolce Sport 2 (airs permanently), 3 and 4 (airs temporarily). Dolce Sport is present also in online, at and

About International eSport Federation

International eSport Federation – IeSF is a global organization founded in 2008, which promotes electronic sport in the world’s sport elite, beyond the barriers of language, race or culture. Since the establishment of the federation, it pursued the affiliation to Sport Accord, the association of the sports federations in the world. At this moment, there are 42 countries members in the organization.